If you can’t select your country/region, please contact our email address

For orders exceeding 30 kg, contact our email

For orders to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, or non-EU countries, as long as a Spanish VAT exemption exists and is requested, the corresponding DUA process will be necessary. In the aforementioned case, the client must choose the payment option by bank transfer and a total budget will be prepared with the final amount without VAT, and with transportation including the cost of the DUA. If in doubt, please contact us through our email system.

GIJOE is not responsible for any tariff payment or additional tax of the final destination in your local customs. These will always be paid by the customer.

All orders billed to the Canary Islands must have a delivery address in the Canary Islands.

All orders billed to Ceuta or Melilla must have a delivery address in Ceuta or Melilla.

All orders billed to non-EU countries to the EU must have a delivery address within the same billing country selected.

1- Free Shipping

Some products that we sell in our ON-LINE Store include FREE transportation according to the shipping destination and is indicated with the phrases:

Free Shipping, Free Transportation or Free Delivery.

2- Shipping prices.

The amount of the shipping price will be informed to the CLIENT after placing the order. After this, the customer can confirm the order or cancel it.

Transportation will be calculated based on destination, weight, cubic capacity, customs taxes, etc ...

The price of transport to destinations such as the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and non-EU countries to the EU, as long as there is and the Spanish VAT exemption is requested, a new budget will be calculated and sent, which includes transportation of shipments Customs, but never the dispatches and import taxes, nor taxes of the destination (For example the IGIC / APIC in the case of the Canary Islands) which will be paid to the carrier at the time the product is delivered to the customer.

3- Store Pick Up

For some regions, a Shipping option called "Store Pickup" is enabled, this option does not imply any additional transport charge. The customer agrees to pick up the order in our physical store in Ronda Sant Antoni, 49 in Barcelona. To be able to pick it up, you must first wait for an email from our stores authorizing the collection.


- Delivery process

An order is accepted and shipped when the administration department of G.I. JOE has verified that the payment has been made.

The delivery time for products is specified when selecting the transport.

This delivery period is for guidance and G.I. JOE will endeavor to comply without otherwise leading to compensation or cancellation of the order. Any penalty clause for delay in the delivery time entered by the customer in your order is without effect.

- Delivery.

We consider a delivery is completed when the customer receives the order and signs the delivery note if the shipment has been made by our means of transport, as long as it is contracted with acknowledgment of receipt. In the event that the shipment is sent by the means of the CLIENT, that is, due, the responsibility of G.I. JOE ends at the moment of delivering the product to the client's transport agency and it has signed the delivery note.

- In the orders that any free cost transport is contracted for the client, G.I. JOE will send the products by the means it deems appropriate.

- G.I. JOE does not commit to any express delivery.

- G.I. JOE reserves the right to send the products together or by deadlines.

- G.I. JOE assumes no responsibility for delays due to the shipping agency.

- For orders in which no shipping has been contracted with acknowledgment of receipt, G.I. JOE is not responsible for the loss of any merchandise.

- G.I. JOE does not accept individual pick ups in its stores, or physical stores of the items purchased through the website except in the case specified in point 3 "COLLECT IN STORE."

- Delivered products and Items

Whenever the hired shipping company includes acknowledgment of receipt:

If the packaging arrives open or broken, do not accept the delivery, write it down on the delivery order of the shipping company and contact us immediately.

If the packaging arrives with a damaged box, scratched, wet or sunken. record it in the delivery order of the carrier.

The product and its operation must be checked by the customer within 24 hours of receiving the order, since we always send it with an insured shipping and in case the product receives damage during transport that has not left marks on the packaging but that has damaged the product internally, you must notify it immediately and within 24 hours of receiving your order through our telephone hotline 932928676 or 0034 932928676 if you call from outside Spain, so that we can impute this problem directly to the transport company . This will allow us to expedite the change of the product immediately.

In case the CLIENT does not check the status of the package before accepting it, G.I. JOE will not assume any responsibility for any impairment that may exist.

Also, G.I. JOE will not assume any responsibility for actions or omissions derived from fault or serious damage and that are attributable to the transport company that delivers the requested product or products to the CLIENT.

In case the contracted transport does not include acknowledgment of receipt:

G.I. JOE will not assume any responsibility for actions or omissions derived from fault or serious damage and that are attributable to the transport company that delivers the requested product or products to the CLIENT or lost them.